Bose 700 Headphones Review | Are they still the best headphones in 2020?

Bose 700 Headphones Review |  Are they still the best headphones in 2020?

These headphones right here made headlines back in 2019 when they just got released. But my question is – are these still the best headphones on the market? And yes, absolutely! Let me explain. Hi, thank you so much for being here! These are the Bose 700 headphones. And I’ve had these headphones for about a year and two months now, and I must say they are pretty good. However, I must admit that there are other great headphones that came out such as, the Jabra Elite 85h and the Sony 1000XM3 and 1000XM4 which are the biggest competitors to these headphones. However, after owning these headphones for more than a year now I believe that these headphones are still the best headphones on the market. So watch till the end as I will tell you exactly why you should consider these headphones if you’re on the market for great headphones just like these ones.

Alright so as you might have guessed this is not the unboxing video as I’ve had them for quite a while now. So what I’m going to show you here is what came with the headphones so that when you buy them, you know exactly what you will be getting. When you buy the Bose 700 headphones they will come in a box like this one and I really like the packaging because it is very sturdy. When you open it like this, you’ll find the headphones case. I would have loved to have this in a smaller size compared to its competitor, they have like a smaller size. Sothis one when you are traveling or when you have it in your hand you can feel the size of it for sure.Umm…but don’t get me wrong it’s’s still a really nice case made out of leather very slick and I love it, I love it! So when you open it then you find your headphones and obviously, I’ve opened this box so this is not new. And there will be a type C charger and also there will be a cord. So it’s a three a 3.5mm to 2.5mm and this! I will talk about this one ater Alright, so we just saw what comes in the box when you buy these headphones. For the rest of this video, I want to talk about things that make these headphones the best on the market, and to start I want to talk about the functional stuff so basically what you need to have these headphones working.

So to start using these headphones you will obviously have to charge them. And they come with a type C connection charging it. So you can plug it in on your computer or you can plug it in on your outlet…so your power outlet using the adapter, like a USB adapter. And secondly, if you want to use them without Bluetooth you can use these headphones with headphone jack input. So that’s easy… the same way you would use other headphones. The Bose 700headphones come with three physical buttons. And on your left ear cup, there’s one for noise cancellation and it has three noise cancellation levels – so one which is 10 (which is the highest) and then five (the middle one) and zero the lowest. So if you put on zero you can hear your surrounding and if you put on 10 you get to the maximum highest noise cancellation that you can…you can get from these headphones. And on your right ear cup, there is one button for Bluetooth umm…bluetooth connection, so you can connect up to two devices simultaneously and this one is also used for turning on the oh actually just stand it on!! This one is also used for turning on your headphones. And the last button here on your right ear cup is for voice assistant so you can connect with Siri and you can connect with Amazon Alexa also Google Assistant as well. And another great feature with this voice assistant button is that it allows you to mute your line if you’re on a call. Alright so moving on to another feature, so besides the three physical buttons that these headphones come with they also come with the touchpad which is used for controlling the music or getting other information as well on your headphones. So if you’re wearing them like this then if you swipe forward like this then you’ll be skipping the music so you’ll be going to the next song. And if you swipe back then you will be doing the opposite…so going to the previous song. And if you swipe up then you will be turning up the volume and swipe down you’ll be turning down the volume. And you can also hold the ear-cup like this just touching like this it will give you the information on the battery life – so how long your the battery is going to last. And it’s very precise! So if you’re using it and if you hold down it says for example two hours or10 or 15 minutes, it’s really 15 minutes I’ve tested this. You can also double-tap for example for pausing the music and if you’re on a  can also double-tap then you will be ending the call. So it’s very handy! One thing that many people have said about these headphones or they were worried about these headphones is that the touchpad may not work when it’s very cold. But I haven’t had any issues with that. I live in Canada and the temperatures get really really low and I have I’ve worn this during winter. So it’s like…there’s..there’s no problem at all with it. Another point to make here is with the battery! You have about20 hours of battery life – so when it is fully charged. However, when you’re really low for example if you run out of battery there is another feature of quick charge, and this gives you about five hours so in a matter of a few minutes you can still go ahead and use the headphones and they will last you for about five hours so it is…

It is great! It lasts…the battery I haven’t had any issues with it. And that’s pretty much it for the functional stuff. So we’ve looked at the three physical buttons: one for Bluetooth and the second one for voice assistant and the third one for noise cancellation. And we’ve also looked at the touchpad which is used for controlling the music and also for controlling calls. And we’ve also looked at the power inputs and also the audio inputs using the cable. And also we’ve looked at the build-in …the built-in voice assistant. Alright, so now let’s look at the build quality of these headphones and I really love how these headphones were built. They are very flexible and very stretchy and if you have a big head (LOL) just like me like you would have no trouble at all to wear them they are very comfortable. And another thing you notice, I don’t know if you can see it but, there’s no seam here. So this is all…this is all one part. When you wear them uh. if you want to adjust them. I guess, like the size of the headband you can just pull this down like this pull-up. The other thing is the earpads! they are very comfortable!! I wear these a lot so like whenever I’m doing work I just wear them and I can go for four hours, five hours just having the headphones on with like low music or with the noise cancellation and they are amazing! So I would highly recommend this for example for developers or for designers or anyone really who needs like concentration. Now to the best part of this video where I tell you why I really love these headphones. First of all, these headphones were built for communication which is key for most of the people. Really like, there’s nothing worse than having your headphones on and when someone calls you you have to take off your headphones and unplug everything to just answer the phone. And secondly, these headphones have eight microphones. Like you can imagine like having eight microphones in here! Some of these microphones are used for voice assistants and they are also used for noise cancellation. Alright so another thing that I really love about these headphones is the Bose App and this Bose App is great because it gives you another added functionality to control your headphones and my favorite feature here is the EQ because you can adjust the bass and that’s something you cannot find on the headset. And you can control the volume and the noise cancellation and also the audio source. Another great feature on the app is being able to set the favorite settings. Let’s say for example if you’re on the train, you want to have higher noise cancellation but if you’re at home for example…if you are alone, you want to be able to hear what’s around you. And the other thing is that this app gets updated quite often and the more it gets updated the more your headphones also [thefirmware] gets updated. So it’s also another feature! Now to my last favorite feature of these headphones is the Augmented Reality (AR) technology in these headphones? I mean this is a beast! This is great because you are able to use third-party applications on your phone to be able to experience these beautiful sounds..for when you are meditating or for when you are concentrating on your work or for when you are exercising. And for example, there is this uh.. application called Audiojack which gives you the experience of Augmented Reality but not with visuals but just with sounds. Alright so now let’s talk about the pricing for these headphones. They are a little bit more expensive than its competitors at about $400. However, I believe that for what you get it’s really worth it! You can actually get some used ones… they might come to say like 300,300 and something… so I think if you can get a pair of used ones, – you have to inspect them obviously! If you can get them will be worth it. We’ll put a link in the description where you can get them on Amazon! Alright so we’ve come to the end of this video and I really hope that you enjoyed it! And we’ve looked at some of the functional features of these headphones and why I still think that these headphones are worth the price that they are right now and also why I still think that these headphones the best on the market still.

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