Best Budget Gaming Monitors in 2020

Best Budget Gaming Monitors in 2020

Tt’s the lg 27 gl 650 fp traditionally we’re going to check out the best budget option in our list and for budget gaming monitors it’s the lg 27 gl650fb this is one of the most impressive models out there as it presents all the necessary features to make your gaming experience much more enjoyable thanks to its superb speed tons of gaming dedicated features pre-calibrated image responsiveness and so much more going on with it let’s take a closer look at it the lg 27 gl650 fb has the same aesthetics as the other ultra gear monitors in lg’s lineup it uses minimal aesthetics with some interesting vibes going on with it the lg 27gl650fv has a refined matte black finish on it that’s pretty attractive overall you’ll also see that on top on the sides you’ll notice no bezels which makes the whole thing much more attractive i should mention that the lg 27 gl650fb stand is a bit larger than the rest out there so you’ll need a bit more desk base from it the build quality of this monitor is amazing though despite being a budget device lg hasn’t compromised in this one the stand that i mentioned allows plenty of adjustability including height pivot and tilt but no swivel unfortunately there’s also the possibility of an aftermarket mount thanks to the 100 by 100 visa mount holes on it it has some good connectivity ports as well including two hdmi 2.0 ports a single displayport 1.4 a 3.5 millimeter headphone port and a pair of usb 3.0 ports to top it off it’s good overall nothing to be complained about the lg 27 gl650 fb is based around a 27-inch in-plane switching panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 which is decent for its size the brightness peaks at 400 nits and the contrast is a static 1000 to 1. it doesn’t have the features of its high-end brethren but it is good enough for gaming with a 144hz refresh rate and 5 millisecond native response time making it rather speedy the viewing experience is solid overall though and its anti-glare coating does a great job the color reproduction is at 98 percent of the srgb color space with a solid accuracy of delta e 2.3 with a bit of calibration you can get better results in terms of color and accuracy though but with its speed and g-sync certification you’ll have a blast gaming with this one at

Number four.

It’s the acer nitro vg271 for those users that like me always want to get the most value for their money i recommend the acer nitro vg271 this is an exceptional budget gaming monitor providing every bit of features that you might expect from one with just some small compromises that we’ll talk about in a moment acer has done it again and this one is well worth considering let’s start talking about the design and build of the acer nitro vg271 which is pretty good overall with some small flaws that can be a bit annoying the first impression i got from this monitor was good as it has a nice gamer-based design with a black body and red accent scattered over it it isn’t a low quality device at all but it has something that will annoy you since it could have been a lot better it’s a bit flimsy the back has a glossy and matte finish which is pretty good on the front the bezels on top and sides are slim enough with just a slightly thicker band on the bottom to finish it up the design is something that can be overlooked without any problems since you’re buying a budget device however the stand is not good enough as it contributes just tilt adjustability for that reason i’d invest in a good visa mount with the money you have saved from the purchase of this monitor in terms of connectivity it has two hdmi 2.0 ports displayport 1.2 a headphone jack and it also has a pair of 2 watt speakers to get you going coming to its biggest selling point the acer nitro vg271 is up there with the best in the market it’s based on a 27-inch in-plane switching panel that comes from au optronics it has a full hd 1080p resolution superb 144hz refresh rate and a super fast three millisecond greater grey response time without forgetting i should know that it gives hdr support as well with the display hdr 400 certification with a great color gamut contrast and brightness there’s also the freezing feature that makes the whole process much smoother and it also has the visual response boost motion blur reduction feature that works perfectly one of the best monitors for gamers.

Number three.

Aoc cq27g1 the third entry in our list is a superb gaming monitor with immense build quality and a set of interesting features that’ll impress even the most hardcore gamers it’s the aoc q27g1 it’s a superb monitor for gaming no doubt about it and on top of that it also grants a pretty pleasing viewing experience that’ll produce a great movie watching experience as well in terms of design the aoc cq27g1 is a classic gaming device with its looks shape and ankles going on it’s not bad at all to be honest it might not be attractive for everyone but a gamer wouldn’t mind it at all moving on to the build quality i have nothing but praise as the comedy has done a perfect job at providing us a super sturdy device i also like that the stand had the same design vibe as the monitor itself and was super sturdy coming in as well speaking about the stand the aoc cq27 g1 offers a lot of stability with it and has some other tricks up its sleeve like its cable management hole that allows you to have a clean setup in addition to that the stand provides plenty of adjustability including height swivel and tilt plus you have the visa mount possibility there’s a good selection of ports including two hdmi ports display port and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack the aoc q27 g1 is based around 27 27-inch vertical alignment panel that accommodates a great 1440p resolution while this is a gaming monitor this one provides some great colors with its true 8-bit color depth super wide 122 srgb color gamut reproduction and solid three thousand to one static contrast which is just beautiful to look at the brightness is not the best at 250 nits but it’s overall a solid monitor in terms of visuals the 144hz refresh rate and input lag of below four milliseconds translate to super smooth and fast gaming performance it also has a 1 millisecond mprt motion blur reduction technology and the amd freesync works wonders as well so i don’t think it lacks anything

Number 2.

Viewsonic xg2402 the runner-up on this list is the viewsonic xg2402 which is a superb pick for gamers as it delivers a lot of desirable qualities it has a super low price and it’s proven itself as a great competitor for gamers while viewsonic is not a household name this one here will grant you all the needed features for high octane gaming such as its ergonomic design gaming focus presets and fast refresh rates that make this one a beautiful pick for a lot of people the design and aesthetics of the viewsonic xg2402 are pretty simple looking at it from the front side however on the rear side you’ll see the design tricks going on with it it has some gamer vibes on the back with sharp angles geometric shapes and a traditional game bright red color the gamer touches move on to the ergonomic stand as well the sturdy base has the xg branding on it with a red and white color the bezels on this device are not the thinnest out there but they work great for gaming as they keep the glare out and the construction is just amazing overall the ergonomic stand is my favorite part of this beast as it can be adjusted to every angle to keep you performing at the highest level i have to say that the connectivity options are not the best but they will get you through for gaming purposes and don’t forget that this one is a budget monitor the ports include two hdmi ports a display port and two usb ports to wrap it up i also like the buttons on the right side of the monitor for the osd which allows you to tweak the performance to your needs and access the preset modes for gaming the viewsonic xg2402 is based around a 24 inch twisted pneumatic panel that has a great full hd 920 by 1080p resolution which is pretty sharp the brightness of this panel is good as well at 350 nits and the anti-glare coating is superb overall the biggest selling point of this one though is the response times and amazing refresh rates it has a refresh rate of 144 hertz with an input lag of just five milliseconds this is amazing and when you put the amd freesync into the question it’s just perfect overall at

Number 1.

It’s the asus vg 248 qg on top of the list we have the absolute best budget gaming monitor in the market so far the asus vg248 qg this monitor is a true beast since it support some excellent high-end features that’ll impress even the most nitpicky users when it comes to gaming prowess let’s take a closer look at it the asus vg248 qg is designed especially for gamers with every single detail small or large it’s all black though and doesn’t have red accents on it except the ring that connects the base and the stand in our slim bezels that are equal on each side i have to say it looks pretty good the back part has some slight angles on it that elevate the look even though you won’t be looking at it the stand i mentioned has a cable management hole to give you a super clean setup and it’s one of my favorite features the adjustability of the standard top notch as well with height swivel tilt and pivot the connectivity ports are great as it includes a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack hdmi port display port dvi d dual link and an audio in port to wrap it up this one is based around a superb 24 inch full hd 1080p monitor that’s packed with superior features to make your gaming experience enjoyable one of those features is the 165 hertz overclockable refresh rate that’s perfect and it has a 0.5 millisecond aces extreme low motion blur technology that smoothes up every content and provides a powerful gaming experience with its other features such as its asus eye care and nvidia gt sync this one takes the cake buying guide firstly size and resolution when buying a monitor and not just a gaming one you should check out its size and resolution to see if it’s the right option for you i put both of these factors together because they’re co-dependent on one another due to pixel density for example full hd 1080p is a great resolution but on a 32-inch monitor it won’t be enough and you’ll start to see pixels then again unless you opt for ultra wide options monitors larger than 27 inches won’t be as effective choose something that produces a good pixel density secondly refresh rate when it comes to gaming the most important spec in any monitor is the refresh rate and the higher it is the better the performance the refresh rate is measured by how many times the monitor refreshes the information in a single second and it’s measured in hertz the larger this number the better but then again you will need a great graphics card to support that for gaming i don’t recommend going below 120 hertz since it has become very affordable to do so and thirdly response types the response time is another very important factor for gaming monitors this specification will tell you how long a monitor will take to change individual pixels from black to white or from gray to another shade of grey longer response times can result in motion blur in gaming which is always undesirable five milliseconds response time is pretty good and the lower you go here the better the performance thanks for watching i hope you liked the video if you found it helpful please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future if you have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can

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